Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008: Gain 10 lbs and read trashy novels

"My resolution for 2008 is to gain ten pounds and read dozens of trashy love novels."

This was posted on the Stashbuster Yahoo forum last week. Stashbusters is a group of fellow quilters who have accumulated more fabric than can be used in a lifetime and have stacks of UFOs (unfinished objects). After joining a 2007 group challenge I can brag that my UFOs were finished in September, all 41 of them!

For the last few years I have written my goals for the coming year before January 1st arrives. Usually these include one from each of my three main interests/hobbies. So here goes:

Quilting: One new, completed quilt per month plus four neonatal quilts.

Photography: Conquer f-stops and appertures. Carry a camera with me at all times and use it daily. Keeping my scrapbooks current goes along with this.

Running: Duchess has challenged me to run a 5k this spring. Gotta work on endurance.

Anyone brave enough to share your resolutions?

Note: This morning I flushed the last three chocolate jelly rings down the toilet and I don't like trashy novels.

(Photos are from New Years Eve 2000)


Eris said...

What the heck are you flushing that kind of stuff for?! The Mr. is very disappointed. Chocolate can give you energy for that 5k!

Muriel said...

We have been looking everywhere for chocolate jelly rings. I bought them for Thanksgiving and can no longer find them!!