Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grandma Tuesday

Today was the first official Grandma Tuesday in a while. Eris went back to school and Mr. Eris is enjoying his new position. The girls arrived at nine, ready for a shower and full of energy. They also knew that they were going to have to "mind" me all day. This is particularly tough for Little Ms. Eris. Today was a good day for her, only two times on the couch!

While Littlest is down for a nap (!!!!) some time is spent with Little reading and doing some crafts. Today she did some stencil tracing and then got to use scissors for the first time. Well, actually the second time if you all remember the haircut last year. It kept her occupied for almost two hours.

Little Mr. Eris came after school. Finally, I have found something he likes to do here! This building set kept him busy for hours! The object is to connect all of these tubes and shapes and then have a marble make it from the top to bottom.

After dinner it was time to bake cookies. Do you know what gingerbread dough looks like? Oh well, they tasted wonderful, especially after they were decorated! Even Zeus got involved!

Eleven hours. The toys are put away and the house is put back together again. Next week will be easier. We might even get to add the Princess for a few hours in the afternoon!
Now I'm going to bed.


Eris said...

Yay for Grandma Tuesdays! Thanks for everything you do. You may not be the fun Grandma, but you're the best!

cuz2u said...

Can my kids come and play on Grandma Tuesdays??? What a great idea I think more Grandma's should do that.