Thursday, June 17, 2010

Night Visions

Walk. Walk. Walk. Then walk some more. Yesterday morning we spent 2 1/2 hours touring the gentle hills and gardens of Butchart Gardens in Victoria. After seeing them in full splendor in September of 2008 we were a little disappointed. The gardens were beautiful as expected but the summer flowers were freshly planted and not fully blooming yet. Fifty five acres of carefully manicured botanical gardens and lawns were filled with people from all over the world.

The afternoon found me walking for another hour on the clean and friendly cobblestone streets of the town.

After a late supper we returned to the Gardens to see them in the evening light. I have bored you all in the past with the qualities of light but let me just say that the 2 hours we spent at dusk and after dark were awesome! There are lights placed around the gardens that give it almost a surreal atmosphere. Topiary sculptures that were not obvious during the day suddenly popped out under spotlights. A large fountain that I had missed on our first trip was suddenly alive with color. I was spellbound and could have stayed for hours.

Today has found us in the Olympic city of Vancouver. They have cool totem poles here but in all honesty, their Olympic Cauldron doesn't hold a candle to ours!

$1.00 (.96 Canadian!)


bleason said...

Great shots of Seatle and Victoria. The MoneyWalkers have dones both cities a couple of times. In Victoria after visiting Butchart Gardens, we drove two hundred or so miles up Vancover Island and were amazed with the primitive nature of the small logging and fishing communities--such natural beauty.

Good monetary finds while on vacation are rare and difficult. Congratulations on your paper find and misc. coins.

Thanks for sharing with your sharpe camera eye.


twincapes said...

Wow thats quite a pile for last year. Nice work.

Sharyn said...

Where are you?? When ya coming back? What you been doing? Inquiring minds need to know.