Sunday, August 10, 2008

Checking in, Checking out

This morning was spent at the beautiful Butchart Gardens. The 100 year old gardens cover 55 acres of ground and defy description.
We got there early so I was able to get this image of the Sunken Gardens before anyone else was there. By the time we left three hours later it was shoulder to shoulder people down this sidewalk.
Karen, these images are for you. I thought about you all day while taking 140 shots. What a learning experience! I think I have finally come to terms with aperture and depth of field. By the way, the water on the rose above is real! It rained last night so early this morning everything had dew on it!

Tomorrow morning we board the ferry again and sail back to the USA.

$.09 Canadian

(plus 11 shower caps)


Karen said...

*gasping at the lovely photos* Wow, I'd LOVE to go there!! So beautiful and you've captured the colors so well. I love the photo of you and Zeus too.

jana said...

I've always wanted to go to Butchart gardens--was it super crowded or was it kind of spread out and quiet?

Numismatist Facts said...

Jana, we always try to be the first ones at places like Butchart Gardens. It wasn't crowded at 9 a.m. but by noon it was pretty heavy.

Hey, thanks for stopping by!