Saturday, August 9, 2008

All "Aboot" Butterflies

(Yes, they really say it that way.)
The Butterfly Gardens were incredible. One very large atrium that was filled with lush tropical foliage and butterflies of all colors and sizes flitting all around.

It rained this afternoon but that didn't stop us from exploring Victoria and a few other towns around the area. A side benefit from the rain was a double rainbow directly over the Parliament Building. This photo was taken from our room.
Eris, a loonie (Canadian dollar coin) is worth two cents more than an American Dollar. Mostly they are just exchanging straight across. A toonie is a Canadian two-dollar coin. Worse than the poor exchange rate is this: for lunch this afternoon I ordered a Diet Coke. Price: $2.79. Water from now on.

Miss you all.

$.09 Canadian (equals $.08 American)

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Karen said...

WOW!!! A double rainbow!! :-D It's so beautiful, especially with the building. Another great pic of you and Zeus too.