Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few words.

Canadian Geese on coast of Puget Sound

1. Finished the book at 1:20 AM. Damn book.
2. Late to the airport because of traffic, went to wrong gate, RAN to right gate, FLIGHT DELAYED by two hours. Sat in front of a woman who talked non-stop. Non-stop.
3. Seattle is as beautiful as I remember and drivers here are courteous. Amazing.
4. Arrived in Port Angeles and had a wonderful dinner overlooking Puget Sound.
5. Now going to get some sleep. It is chilly and the heat is on in our room. Nice.
6. Tomorrow, going to see some incredible scenery, shoot a thousand photos and then ride the ferry to Canada.


athena said...

1. 109 pages left. Damn book.
2. Had the most pleasant, on time flights. I love to travel!
3. Just spent four hours at Lagoon, would love a cold room. FYI - Catapult ROCKS!
4. Working tomorrow and then cleaning house all night. Possible new windows Saturday.
5. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. Was late when I got home.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Eris said...

1. Finished book last week - what is wrong with you people?!
2. No planes for me: Staycation this weekend. Classic Waterslides, anyone?
3. Have a good trip! The Little Erises miss you already!

KFinley said...

1. Finished last week - still questionning myself...
2. Minimal travel - minus the long drive to church (last week!)
3. Working, working, working, and yeah, more working this weekend.
4. Have fun! I'm completely jealous! Buy me a Fork's t-shirt! (j/k!)

P.S. I found my next project! You'll have to tell me if I'm crazy!

Karen said...

1. Ran into "The Beast" this morning at 7am in the lady's room at the pool. She was in the shower and asked "who is out there." I promptly said my name and then got a "WHO?" response. I kind of figured out who she was and told her that I was a patient and had a 7am appointment. Then asked, "Is that was OK?" as I left. I wish I could have slammed the door for effect. *snortle* Nicole had a chat with her on my behalf.

2. Had to work today. Am still here. I am on a break. ;-)

3. Am going to the fair tonight with my sister. Pre-medicating with xanax for the impending crowd of rude people with strollers there.

4. Chatted with your Mom while at the pool. Joyce says "hello" too and sends good traveling wishes.

Muriel said...

1. Still reading...can't get more than a few pages at a time without someone interrupting. Driving me crazy.
2. Couldn't read while on the plane, holding a 7 month old on my lap.
3. Read some at the beach, then played in the waves.
4. Going to the beach again tomorrow.
5. Getting sucked in to the Olympics.