Saturday, August 23, 2008

Technical difficulties

Please stay tuned... We are experiencing technical difficulties... hmmm.... Please stay tuned... We are experiencing technical difficulties... hmmm....

This is where I am working, at least for the next few days. The wireless on my laptop decided to vanish this morning and after trying everything my ungeeky brain could think of I have given up. Tomorrow I will gird up my loins and call HP tech support where I will listen to "Andrew" speak in his foreign accent. Hopefully he will perform a miracle and remove the stick that has crawled up my laptop's USB port. There will be a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke and hopefully some chocolate jelly rings at my side to help get me through what could be a long ordeal.

Fortunately, just last week Zeus finally got a new computer. The old one, which happens to be my favorite one at the moment, was refurbished and upgraded to wireless. Please listen now as I publicly apologize to my wonderful husband for questioning his wisdom in doing this. I am truly sorry I gave you a hard time and am VERY grateful to have this computer. The kids can use it later after mine is cooperating again.

Medical report: Cracked rib? Probably, it hurts when I move wrong. Also, I have a nice bruise above my mouth that looks like Hitler's moustache, except that it is on the side and is dark purple. I ran yesterday morning and was much more cautious when I reached the dreaded sidewalk. Would somebody out there fix that? Please?


Update: The laptop has to return to the HP Hospital for a new mother board. This is the
second time! Thank heavens for the extra one that seems to be running very well.


Muriel said...

Mmmmmmm jelly rings! (said in my best Homer Simpson voice).

Karen said...

It's probably a software issue - what a pain. I went through a lot of stuff with my mom's computer a few weeks ago. I hope the HP tech support can help and quickly. Let me know if you need any help too.

Your poor lip! I had to laugh at your description of half of Hitler's mustache. You are so funny! You better go have your ribs checked, especially if they're still hurting.

Have a great day!

athena said...

Oh! How terrible!

The Duchess said...

What do you do for cracked ribs? Eat a lot of chocolate?