Saturday, August 2, 2008

Team Jacob

Ready? Set? READ!!!!!

I have seventeen people coming for dinner tomorrow. Do ya think they will mind Dominos Pizza?

I am anxious to get this behind me so I can quit fighting a losing battle for Jacob and get back to the Buddha books. (That is a guess, not a spoiler.)
Eris finished it in 15 hours. I'm a little slower, probably three days. For sure it will be finished by the time I get to Forks.



athena said...

I'm so upset that you got the book before me! SO NOT FAIR!

I hope you lose a LOT of sleep! And that werewolf goes down!

Casidub said...

Now that I am in the know, I'm sorry to say it but I think that our dear Jacob will not last. Though I love him and that STUPID girl used him, I don't think it will end well.

Eris said...

My favorite shirt at the midnight release party read: "Team I Love Edward but Want Jacob to be Happy." I wholeheartedly agree. Jacob is a doll - flawed like the rest of the characters - but he deserves to be happy. Everyone read FAST because I need to talk to someone about this last book!!!!