Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Closing the pool, Part One

(Sorry, this post is in three parts due to length and photos.)

Yesterday was the final day at the pool. There were 21 of us joining together to mourn the end of summer play. It was crowded for the first few hours but by the end of the day we were the only ones left. My camera shutter clicked over 200 times catching smiles of young and old, the pain of water-slapping back flops, band aids and tears from stubbed toes and skinned knees plus the cheating games of Shark that never ended.

Each child started out the summer with two swimming suits that are now faded and saggy due to prolonged sun and chlorine exposure. The elastic lost it's stretch weeks ago and safety pins are now required to avoid accidental flashing.

Sunscreen was applied religiously but those deep tans won't completely fade before the next summer months arrive. Blond hair has taken on an eerie shade of green. The swimming skills will have to be relearned, fortunately it will only take a few minutes in the water to remember and put them to use.

The screams of laughter and excitement will now take place on soccer, track and lacrosse fields. Scholastic accomplishments and homework will be the new goals through the winter. At some point I'll devote a few days to lovingly repair the rolling cooler with a roll of duct tape (by popular demand). Oh yes, I will!!

I'll be counting the days until Memorial Day 2010!

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bleason said...

A wonderful but sad essay--the end of summer and nicely written.