Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Part Two


Oh yeah, we were AWESOME! For the last few weeks I've been bribing the kids with milkshakes to perform flips off the diving board. Kelsey jumped right on it (in it?) and started working, eventually doing a fairly decent flip. Mr. Eris, Jr., took quite a bit longer but eventually earned the shake.

Eris decided that she should be able to earn a shake, too. Flips were standard tricks for her in the teen years but hadn't been attempted since then. Success!

Didn't take long for Tracy (Kelsey's mom) to want in on the deal. Same for her, no flips since the teen years. Impressive!

I don't even remember how the final challenge was issued. In my days at Rainbow Gardens as a kid I could do one fine Jackknife dive off both the low and high dives, coming dangerously close to scraping my nose on the end. In fact, I believe that somewhere in my filing cabinet is a certificate won for performing that feat. Flips were never part of my repertoire. Yesterday I found myself climbing onto the board to the accompaniment of clapping hands and the chants of "Flip! Flip! Flip!" One deep breath, a run and a good hard jump left me rotating in the air then finding myself spinning underwater not knowing which way was up.

Applause! Applause! Applause! After reorienting myself and finding the top of the water I resurfaced to the sound of cheers! The spectacular feat was repeated a second time after Zeus arrived for a visit.

Note: This morning Tylenol was on my breakfast plate. My mind sometimes forgets that the body is over a half-century old.


Mrs. Dub said...

seriously. awesome

Wendy said...

Rainbow Gardens!!!! I had forgotten swimming lessons at Rainbow... Remember the indoor pool? Even jumping off the board was a feat for me.

Sharyn said...

Such great images! Well done, both doer and taker.