Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Safety first

This is the back seat of my car. I have just spent 15 minutes installing car seats in the appropriate cars for the day. I would go back to bed for a nap but instead will be heading out for a Grandma Wednesday Field Trip with Littlest Ms. and the Princess.

Back in the 70's (aarrgghh) I bought a rear-facing infant seat, a device that was so new on the market that I had to order it from the car dealer. It was very basic, a plastic shell with a thin liner that strapped into the seat belt. A lot of people thought I was nuts to spend $49 (a lot of money back then) on something that unnecessary. As Athena grew I bought a big upright seat and again there were those naysayers who deemed it waste of money.

Here I am, 35 years later with car seats lined up around the garage, ready and waiting to be put into service. They are much different now with lots of straps and buckles, most with instruction manuals stuck inside of them. Some have cup holders for the little tykes. Books are available in the seat pocket in front of them. On longer trips the DVD player is strapped to the front seat for their viewing enjoyment.

I drove a great little Prelude until Bubba was born. Realizing that a car seat wasn't going to fit easily in the back seat I changed to an Accord. Holy smokes, I miss that Prelude. Now hear this loud and clear: I wouldn't ever trade all of my car seats for another sports car!

Now I had better get going. My precious cargo awaits and we have lots of fun things to do and see at the State Fair (report to follow).


Additional note: Zeus just reminded me that he needs to have Little Ms'. seat put in his car so he can pick her up after school today. Yep, he looks cute with it in his back seat and he loves it!

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