Friday, September 12, 2008

Bushels of Fun!

A rainy day at the State Fair with Littlest Ms. and the Princess ended up to be great fun for all! The drizzle thinned out the crowds but didn't dampen our spirits in the least. The girls were fascinated with the animals and all of the people walking around them. The lights and noises of the carnival barkers kept them looking in all directions. We also stopped at the entertainment stage where an a cappella quartet was singing some Elvis Presley tunes. That was a good time to get out of the stroller and do a little dancing.
Littlest especially enjoyed the magician who wowed her with magic rings and disappearing knots on a rope. The Princess was fascinated with the large kitty (tiger) who paced around the cage in front of her but wasn't impressed with the goats and sheep who got a little too close for her comfort.
The girls also got a taste of State Fair food. We had to search for the cotton candy vendor but it was worth it. Littlest dug right in. The Princess wasn't sure about the texture but once I convinced her to taste it she decided it was delicious and grabbed a large fistful. As I was paying for the treat I turned around to see a cameraman from our local news station filming the girls. There are only a few seconds of Littlest right at the end of this news clip but you can see how much she liked the pink spun sugar! And no, we didn't try the fried peanut butter. Maybe next year.These two little ones usually go down for naps around noon. They were having such a grand time that they didn't fall asleep until after two when we were on the way home. I'm sure they both slept well last night!

One more thing, these two sing awesome Disney duets while riding in the back seat!

To see a few more photos from our Field Trip cruise on over to the Shooting Blog.
$.78 (Zeus complained about this low total and told me I'd better go out again!)


The Duchess said...

Very nice. I LOVE these photos!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wwww.. how cute. THe bushels of apples are so sweet.
I watched the tv broadcast. I can't believe all that rubbishy food!! Yuck!
Loz in Oz

Eris said...

Thanks for the fun day... now I don't have to go to the fair.