Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blue or Red?

For the last two weeks the air has been filled with politics. I've monitored all of the comings and goings of both parties. My favorite website (don't let the name fool you!) has been nearly consumed with Democrat vs. Republican opinions, all of them just as biased as my own. Most of the blogs that I regularly stalk have had some kind of post dealing with the recent developments in the coming election. Even Athena referred to the RNC in her latest post.

About six months ago I quit watching the national news broadcasts. I just couldn't take any more of the ridiculous blather that came on each night, opting instead to read various sources of blather via newpapers, newsmagazines and the internet. However, I broke down two weeks ago and watched addresses by the major candidates.

I will not blog about the election. If you know me personally you are already aware which way I lean (nearly tipping over leaning). For the rest of you who drop by, all I will say is that my favorite show on television is The Daily Show. I love Jon Stewart.

The adorable little guy on the tricycle is Bubba in 1996 riding in the Grouse Creek Parade.


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Casidub said...

I don't watch the news for that exact reason. One less thing for me to stress with.