Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilter's block

The scrapbook stuff is all put away. Now it is time to twist away from the computer and get some sewing done. A few weeks ago, or was it a few months ago, I spent some time cutting fabric into strips. Mostly these were primary color that would play nicely with some larger pieces of focus fabrics that are waiting patiently to be assembled into quilts. The photo doesn't look like much, but I figured that it totaled about eight yards of over 120 different fabrics cut into 2.5 inch and 3 inch strips, each measuring 21 inches long. Writers suffer from Writer's Block where they can't seem to compose a complete sentence. Quilters suffer from Quilter's Block. The fabrics are ready to go but the desire to get them finished is not. Probably part of my problem is burnout after getting all of my UFOs finished last year. I have managed to get a few projects done this year but certainly not enough to make a dent in the fabric stash, which by quilting standards is very modest. Before starting on my next sewing project I need to make the simple little curtains for the Little and Littlest Ms. The poor girls have been sleeping without anything covering their window for three months. These will be started, and hopefully finished this morning. My schedule is clear today with the exception of a lunch date with Zeus. No excuses. No excuses.

I will post this now and keep updates on my progress.
To self: Take a deep breath and step away from the computer.....

10:50 AM: Curtains are finished! Two hours. That's all it took. Now to pick out some of those strips, start sewing them together and cutting them apart again, sewing, cutting, etc. Crazy?



Bizarre Quilter said...

I don't understand.. it doesn't sound like you have Quilter's Block. You have a project there ready to go.

When I have quilter's block, I work on something a bit "mindless" where I don't need to think too much. e.g. the colours are worked out and I am just stitching or joining or cutting.

Then, my creative juices all let go at once! I designed 3 quilts last weekend, and I won't have time for 2 of them for AGES!! Still, they will be there, ready to go, with my 29 UFOS, 12 PIGS and more than 12 future projects!

Numismatist Facts said...

Bizarre, I always have three or four projects going. The problem was that those curtains were stopping me from doing them because I couldn't make up my mind about the design.

All taken care of now. Curtains are done and 20 Trip around the World blocks are stripped together.

Also, when Zeus heard the machine going full speed in the lair he hurried and gave me two pair of pants to hem. Done and done.

No sewing tomorrow, it's Grandma Wednesday. Too bad, I'm on a roll!

The Duchess said...

Ohhh - when I have time (wink) I want to come over for lessons again!!