Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keep on scrappin'

If you walked in my front door tonight this is what you would see. Binders everywhere that are holding the stories of my life and those around me. If I have ever met you there is a darn good chance that your image is matted, pasted and journaled in one of these books. They are categorized in chronological order (most of them) so it is easy to find exactly what I'm looking for when I need it.

I've been working for the last week to get them updated and finally stuck the last embellishment on the last page about an hour ago. The mess of paper pieces and assembling paraphernalia is now cleaned off the island and has been moved downstairs to be sorted and put away in the morning. There are three covers to be created and hopefully they will get done this week. I like to wait until the books are put together and then pick out a fabric that goes along with the major content for that scrapbook. The water fabric and portrait fabric is already on my sewing machine waiting to be put to use. (Don't worry Eris, the curtains will be done first, I promise.)

Last night I spent a fun evening with Eris, The Duchess and some other ladies in the Big City to the south at a HUGE scrapbooking exposition. Yeah, Utah is big on scrapbooking. BIG. Some of the details that go into these pieces of art are amazing, not to mention expensive. I've been to this expo before but I am always amazed at the gizmos and gadgets that are just waiting to be put into those big rolling totes that were being wheeled all over the place. Big bucks get spent at this expo and I will admit that I woke up in the middle of the night wondering where that $50 went. It cost $12 just to get in the door to spend your money and $3 for a Coke! I'm sure I spent far less ($21, I think) than most others in that auditorium, and my guess is there was well over a thousand scrappy women there with credit cards!

Most of you have seen my books so you know that they are basic: photos, mattes, computer journaling of one or two lines, all stuck on cardstock or printed paper. These papers are then put into plastic sleeves so that when the kids (that includes ALL of them) come over they can pull them out and squeal when they see their photos and relive the memories. Hey, yesterday Mom was here for a few minutes and she asked to see the latest book!

Anyway, I can now revel in the fact that I'm up to date, although it will only last until next week when the next batch of images is picked up at the lab. I average three binders a year and the shelves are full. Guess some of them are going to have to go back downstairs where they will be more accessible to the scanner for posting.

One more thing, you all know that I totally idolize Sister Dottie S Dixon. While working hard this afternoon I came across this post where she gets right to the heart of scrapbooking in our wonderful state. If you have a couple of minutes you can listen as she discusses her hobby by clicking here.

Ta Ta!


Sunday morning addendum: I'm very upset this morning. Check out Athena's blog.


athena said...

I'm so excited to see them!

Casidub said...

if only I had the time...

The Duchess said...

Scrapbook Expo ROCKS!

Sharyn said...

I know lots of scrappers, but to be honest I think you are the first I've ever known that finished an album. Great Job, well done! Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Bizarre Quilter said...

I hope you will post a picture of a couple of pages. I would love to see. My blog is as much scrapbooking as I plan to do!! LOL!!

Muriel said...

I so wanted to come down just for this. Idaho's version is just not the same.