Monday, September 29, 2008


Last weekend I posted about attending the scrapbooking festival in the Big City to the south. I got my inspiration and then came home to get my books updated.

Two days ago I met my sister Paula downtown where we went to the annual quilt show of the Utah Quilt Guild. Motivation struck and the Bernina is now humming along again. We also wandered through the vendors mall where I fondled some fabric and checked out the newest gadgets that I don't need. I found a piece of lacrosse fabric that I have been searching for over a year. Two yards came home with me. In the spirit of stashbusting I mailed a package to Kara with over two yards of strips and some yardage. She has also been in a lull with her quilting so there is a cross-country challenge going on to see who can get a top done first. They are the same simple pattern, although I am working on a twin size (20 blocks) while she will work on a baby size (4 blocks). Considering that she is also working up to 70 hours per week I probably still have the advantage. Okay Kara, on your mark, get set, GO!

Yesterday I did the 5k run. Another hobby, this time with resulting sore muscles. (You don't want to see a photo of my gross shoes, trust me.)

The next indulgence was photography. Two tickets for a private Nikon showing were given to me by the local camera store. They know I have been salivating over the recently introduced D90 so I was a prime target. Zeus and I drove to Park City where I walked into a room filled with every Nikon on the market, as well as any lens you could imagine, all just waiting for me to pick them up and do a little camera caressing and experimenting. I could take any of them out for a test drive just by leaving ID and a credit card. Whoaaa! Well, I left Zeus instead (he had my driver's license) and took the D90 and a couple of lenses outside for some test shots. Again, whoaaa. Came back in for some little techie talk with the Nikon guys and then walked out the door. The camera is now available in stores. Zeus doesn't understand why I'm waiting, and frankly, neither do I. Requests for family portraits are coming in so I'll probably take a deep breath and go get it soon.

It's been a good week with only one thing missing. Does anyone know where they are demonstrating candy making? I just found out that Paula is not doing her yummy hand-dipped chocolates this season. How dare she? The holidays just won't be the same.

$12.99 (I love finding paper!)


athena said...

Just how in the world will Santa get anything done this year without her scrumptious sugar high? She's definitely getting a lump of coal!!!

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