Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ahhhh, it's Thursday

It is three weeks (or is it four?) into the new school year and the kinks in schedules are finally worked out. Oh yes, there are still worried calls about who is picking which kid up from what school, last minute soccer schedule changes or someone coming down with flu cooties. By now we just take the adjustments in stride and hope that all get fed, clothed, homework finished, diapers changed and no little ones tumble down the stairs. So far, so good.
Yesterday we added two more to our Wednesday chaos when Jodi and Keegan joined us for the afternoon. Keegan is pretty quiet compared to Littlest and the Princess. It was an incredible fall afternoon so a trip to the playground seemed like the logical thing to do. The kids all had a ball swinging on the swings and just enjoying being outside and free to run and play.
It has been fun to watch Littlest become "the big kid" instead of the baby. Yesterday I sat back and listened to her and the Princess shriek with laughter as they rolled some little cars back and forth across the floor.

Now it is Thursday morning, my Ahhhh time. Zeus is at his class and the house is eerily quiet. No alarms go off to nag me to get ready to run. No children to caution "don't step over the line with that juice". Just blissful quiet. I need to straighten up the house but it will be done at a slow pace and when I feel like it. I had a leftover brownie and a Diet Coke for breakfast. Sometime in the next few hours there will be a shower. It will be a long, leisurely one, you can count on that!

As usual, more photos at the Shooting Blog.


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