Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hadron Huh???

Is anyone else out there thinking about what those crazy scientists are doing with that Large Hadron Collider? Is no one even worried about the universe being swallowed up by a huge black hole? You haven't wondered, if it happens, will you even know it?

"Once the machine is in full operation, two streams of invisible protons will be whipped up in opposite directions around an underground racetrack to 99.99999 percent of the speed of light. When the two waves of protons slam into each other, scientists expect particles to melt into bits of energy up to 100,000 times hotter than the sun's core - a state that should replicate what the entire universe was like just an instant after it came into being." (msnbc)

You can read the full article here.

There a lots of things I want to do before the world ends. Here are a few:

1. Go back to Parson's Bakery for more cookies since the dozen I got this afternoon were all seized by others as soon as they were seen.

2. Get that fabric stash down to a reasonable amount. That has been slowly taking place over the last few years but still have a ways to go.

3. Aperture. Damn it. It's almost there, but not quite.

4. Lose ten pounds. Oh wait, it won't matter. If the world has ended no one would notice.

Never mind.



Bizarre Quilter said...

We had a lot of students upset about the world ending yesterday. Some crappy "current affairs" media rubbish plagues the minds of my poor students.

When they asked me if the world was going to end at 5:27 I said "I am a scientist, not a scientologist". I don't belong to any cult that believes that.

But seriously, we had a lot of distresed (secondary) students who needed calming down.

Yes, they still had to do their assessment task and if the world did end, I would not have to mark it. Lucky me.

Eris said...

I was only sad that we didn't get to it first. Poor Texas and their defunct Super Duper Super Collider.

If the world ended tomorrow, I'd be bummed I still have my grill. That's about it. Seriously, if I die before they come off - you CANNOT bury me in them!

Muriel said...

Parson's Bakery? Is that where those cookies were from that you brought up that one time I was there and I ate too many? Oh, those are gooood.

Numismatist Facts said...

Yes, the same bakery. My car automatically swerves to the east whenever I'm on I-15. Eris went after them like a vulture!

I discovered that wonderful place when Bubba was very little. I have been a regular ever since then.