Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prospero Ano Nuevo 2009!

Last year I posted my resolutions and goals for the year 2008. They were simple. Did I accomplish them? Well, not totally, but here's the accounting.

Quilting: Not accomplished, probably due to burnout from the successful year of 2007. I think I finished four quilts and about 20 neonatal quilts.

Photography: I haven't totally conquered f-stops and apertures but I now understand them and know how to use them. Also, the new toy is proving to be well worth it. The scrapbooking is basically up-to-date, with exception of the month of December. Big stack of photos waiting.

Running: The Duchess and I didn't run the 5k in the spring but Eris talked me into one in the fall. These are not my favorite things to do but it was for a good cause.

Health: I did manage to lose ten pounds during December but unfortunately that was after I gained some during the previous 11 months. Sorry, no link to this one.

Reading trashy novels: Yup, I did that. FIVE OF THEM! Please don't throw apple cores at me. You all know what I'm talking about. Okay, they weren't trashy, in fact they were downright boring in the trash department (no sex and too many sparkles). Worse than that, we detoured to the setting of the books on one of our trips. And to top it off I went to see the movie (yes, that was fun, but still no trashiness). On the plus side, I had a chance to read the last Harry Potter book and a couple of Chronicles of Narnia books with Eris and Mr. Eris, Jr. Now that was some quality reading time.

The resolutions for 2009 are as follows:

Quilting: Try for one per month and get going again on those neonatal quilts. Also, after having no new babies born in our family in 2008 we are looking forward to four, and hopefully five little ones in the next year! Hurray!

Photography: Play with green screen technology and have fun with it. Also, get the dropped lens fixed and don't do anything that stupid again!

Health: Lose that last ten pounds and then head to the islands. Thanks to Les for the inspiration!

Summary: The year 2008 was a great year. Zeus and I were able to do some fun traveling and are making plans for more in the coming year. The family is all doing very well and are happy. Although we have some big challenges facing us in the next few months we are optimistic and looking forward to what comes afterwards. Thanks to all of you for being part of my life!

Bring it on, 2009!


Above photo taken on New Years Eve 2003 in Ensenada, Mexico.


Muriel said...

Hey wait a minute, I had a baby in 2008! Oh, I forgot, I'm a stray.

athena said...

Even though a stray, you still count!

Numismatist Facts said...

Muriel, how could I have forgotten? I'm so sorry. Guess you will just have to get down here more often. I heard that you were supposed to come down last night and didn't even tell me. Hmmph.

By the way, Little Ms. told me today that you are going to have a baby and that it is a boy. She was very emphatic and said her Mom told her. Are you keeping something from us? That would make six in 2009.

Muriel said...

I'm sure she means we "had" a baby and it was a boy. We weren't sure the trip down was going to work out, with the weather and all. We ended up having snow and diarrhea and Eris said we weren't invited anymore. We're talking about coming in a couple of weeks for our anniversary. We'll let you know.

Numismatist Facts said...

Oh no, she was VERY specific. But that's okay, you can tell us when you are ready.