Friday, January 23, 2009

The signs of aging

This afternoon I had to make a quick run to our local WalMart for some unanticipated necessities. I turned down an aisle go find some one inch band aids (surprisingly difficult to find) when I noticed an older gentleman standing in front of a display of adult sanitary supplies. Apparently he was running a little late because he was peeing all over the floor. Not inside his pants, either. Nope, the goods were available for inspection and he was taking care of business right there in front of the packages of Depends. When he saw my astonished look he just tucked it back in, zipped up and walked off.
On the way home I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for the man. At the same time it made me wonder what kind of things I will do to make the lives of my daughters hell. Will I one day forget to wear my swimming suit to the pool? Will my "filters" become so dysfunctional that I say things to hurt others, even more than I have a tendency to do already? Will I use my age as an excuse for bad behavior? Will I become so increasingly tightfisted that I refuse to pay for electricity? (Hmm, probably not because that would eliminate the computer.) Will I go out for a run one day and mysteriously end up on Antelope Island? (Probably not... too far.) Or will I just smell fish and forget to come back?
In some ways I have already graduated to adult incompetence. (Note: that did not say incontinence.) I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on most electronics. Then I try to watch a DVD. *SFDPH*. They just never seem to work for me. Oh, by the way, thanks to Muriel for working over the downstairs system again and leaving a cheat sheet for me. I think Mr. Eris and D-Rock worked on the system in the den. We now can watch movies without calling the Little Erises for help.
I drive too slowly. No speeding tickets or warnings since 2002.
I eat four prunes every night before I go to bed.
Oh my, it's started already.
(It's nice to be home and in our own bed, another sign of aging?)


athena said...

I'm older than my boss, I would rather come home than go to the bar, I almost immediately get into my jammies when I get home.

Shit. Am I catching it too?

athena said...

Oh, and about that guy, was he too late or were you too early? Maybe it was on purpose, like a protest of the products?

Numismatist Facts said...

I caught him right in the middle. He didn't seem to care.

Mrs. Dub said...

"I'm old! I got confusd!"

Sharyn said...

I sat down a few months ago to address an envelope to Princess Publishing. Got the Princess down and suddenly I couldn't remember how to or make my hand write the second P. I had to practice for awhile, even staring directly at the first one. Still makes my blood run cold. Sharyn/KalamaQuilts