Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Forward this

Every single one of you is sitting in front of a computer monitor right now. Unless you have one of those Blackberry Thingies or a fancy phone that receives your email. But my guess is that most of you are sitting back in a comfy chair at your desktop or on the bed (Athena and Eris!) with your laptop.

I love email as much as I dislike the telephone. Right now I'm sitting in my kitchen where I should be fixing dinner. But I'm not. (My girls were all over for lunch this afternoon and I try to keep my cooking down to one meal a day.) Zeus is about 50 feet away in his den, also looking at his monitor. In the last 20 minutes I have received two emails from him. Sometimes he will send me reminders to do something that I keep forgetting to do. Often I will send him an "I love you".

Most people know that I rarely open forwards. Especially those feel-good, lovey-dovey, sappy, send to everyone on your contact list, etc. forwards. Usually they are quickly glanced at and then sent to my beloved recycle bin. Last year I even had to take the drastic step of blocking an old friend because my delete button was wearing out. For some reason she felt the responsibility to send me all kinds of pro-Republican and anti-Obama stuff. Aacckkk!!! Delete, delete, delete, BLOCK!!! Ahhh, that felt good...

A little while ago I got the best forward ever. EVER. It came from my next door neighbor, Kari. With her permission I will now forward it to all of you.

Thanks Kari for making me laugh!

Going to warm up some leftovers now.


Jodi said...

That forward is hilarious! What are you doing Friday? My hubby is playing poker that night.

Eris said...

Oh, that is priceless. I wish I had that as an automated response to any FW email sent to me.

MMM said...

OMG! I am totally with you - and I too had to end a friendship over forwarded hate-emails :( I don't let that kind of thing in my life for any reason! Thanks for the laugh!