Monday, January 5, 2009

The Rockman comes to Utah

"Say, what's happenin' wi' choo boys? Ya been goofin wi' da bees?"

Sorry, I know most of you won't understand this one, but a few will. I found these guys this afternoon just down the street from the Duchess. I had to back up to get a photo and then laughed all the way home! For an explanation, click here.

"Ya see whatcha want ta see and ya hear whatcha want ta hear".

$1.85 (and I froze my butt off to get that! It was only SEVEN degrees out this morning!)


athena said...

I think I need to go home and watch this with my Arrow's.

Eris said...

I didn't know the Duchess lived in the Pointless Forest?!

PS - Did you know that Nilsson did all the music for "You've Got Mail"? I watched it on tv and couldn't believe it!!

Numismatist Facts said...

Just finished watching "You've Got Mail". Guess I better go searching for some music.