Saturday, January 31, 2009

Self examination

The week just kept getting better. By yesterday afternoon I realized that those of you who have called me a geek in the last little while are probably right. Tuesday the new computer arrived a week early and it is still working. Thursday a new flash attachment for my camera arrived. Yesterday the lens that I broke during the holidays came back from being repaired two weeks early! And then today I actually installed the new monitor/TV in my lair that has been waiting in the box for a few weeks! Last night during the basketball game I read manuals and played with the new flash attachment.

Today I re-entered the downstairs area that has been recently abandoned. After cleaning up the debris that I've tossed down here and finally making the beds (you can come back now, Muriel!) it was time to play with my toys. I think I have now crossed over to geekdom, or at least put my big toe in there. The last few hours have been spent testing lighting systems, learning new menus, changing backdrops, downloading trials and going back for more testing. Darn, this is fun!
After taking nearly 100 photos and studying them to see how the lighting affects the subject, which in this case was me, I have come to some obvious conclusions.
1. I have my father's smile.
2. I have my mother's eyes.
3. Never put the background light behind your ear.
4. My gray hair shows more when it is short (cut yesterday).
5. It is time to wax again.
6. Thank you Adobe for Photoshop Elements.



Eris said...

Oh man! I totally thought that was Grandma's smile - completely photoshopped, of course, to get the wrinkles out... but I thought it was Grandmama.

athena said...

I did too!

The Duchess said...

I love this series and how brave you are to take close ups of yourself like this - I would NEVER be able to do that!!

Karen said...

Very cool!! Now I'm thinking that might be fun to do.

I'm glad you got your computer and your new flash - YAY!!

I think the lighting behind your ear looks cool.