Monday, February 2, 2009

More body parts

It is no secret that I dislike feet. As much as I love Hawaii it would be difficult for me to live there. The custom is that when you enter a home you remove your shoes, to not do so is considered rude. The first time we went over there I fretted about having to go barefoot. It would have been mentally easier to go without my bra. But I made it through. In fact, I even took a photo of Les' and my feet just to prove that I did it. Of course, hers are the ones with the pretty painted toenails while mine have all of those ugly veins sticking out.

This afternoon we played a little with some feet. The Princess came over for a visit and while she was here we had some fun with the camera. Eris and Littlest also were here, mostly so Eris could "ride herd" on the Princess who can't sit still for two seconds. Eventually all the shoes came off and we took some foot shots. This set of petite feet of course belong to the Princess. The beads are the identifying factor here. From the minute she walks in the door they are in her hands or wrapped around her in some way.
These are the feet of Eris and Littlest. There is no question that Eris did not receive my feet genes. I think she could write her complete dissertation using only her toes.
The last little foot belongs to our newest great-grandson. He is not quite two weeks old and teeny-tiny. That is Zeus' thumb under that two inch long foot! But oh, what a precious cutie he is. To see more photos of him you can go to the Shooting Blog.

My feet are utilitarian. They are for walking and running. They are not for decorating with fancy shoes or toenail polish. Socks and slippers go on first thing in the morning and stay there until I crawl into bed. If shoes are required they will most likely be a good set of walking or running shoes. A foot massage? Don't even think of touching my feet. Aacckkk!

For another humorous take on feet check out Athena's recent post on Bubba's toeliosis.



Eris said...

When your feet are the only petite thing about you, you learn to appreciate their beauty. But no. I will not touch anyone else's feet (except for babies, those are just cute).

The Duchess said...

I am also not a foot person. Seriously. They exist to carry me from here to there. Preferably without tripping on something. But the Princess's feet are ADORABLE!!

Karen said...

Baby feet are so adorable. I love the third photo - it's awesome; I think you should enter it in the next competition.