Friday, February 13, 2009

Blowing things up

Maybe it is my magnetic personality. Or my electrifying intelligence. Or my shocking beauty.

Maybe it is my polarizing attitudes or my high voltage energy. Whatever it is, I'm mystified.

Since the beginning of this year things are blowing up at my house. Computerized things quit computing. Heating things won't heat. Lighting things fizzle and refuse to light. Two days ago while I was sewing in my lair the halogen lamp that hangs on the wall over my work station started acting weird. Then it would go dim, brighten, dim, all while emitting a scary buzzing sound. Unplugged it fast. In the last two months things that plug into the wall are failing all around me. Here is my list.

1. Large crock pot. It's only a year old. For heavens sakes, these usually last forever. My other two are old enough to be "burnt orange". If you know what that color is you are old.

2. Hair dryer. I knew that one was going and already had a replacement waiting.

3. Computer. Twice.

4. Cordless computer mouse. Thrown it across the room too many times due to #3?

5. Camera lens. You're right, I dropped that one.

6. Numerous light bulbs in the vaulted ceiling. Of course, they require tall people on the huge ladder to change them.

7. Wall clock. Dead battery.

8. Jump drive. What the heck? These things aren't washable?

9. Wall lamp in lair. It will cost $30 to repair but that is cheaper than a new one. And it has that kind of bulb in it that doesn't work if you touch it. Another $7.

10. DVD player. These things just hate me.

The cars are still working, probably for two reasons. They are both Honda Accords and have rubber tires on them to stop the conduction of wattage when I touch them.

What's next?



Mrs. Dub said...

wow. That's impressive.

Me said...

I believe it IS your personality, inteligence and beauty. It can be overwhelming for some things :)

Me said...

I realize I spelled intelligence incorrectly.

Muriel said...

That DVD player should be working! If I knew how, "should" would be bold and italicized.

The Numismatist said...

Muriel, the ones that you worked on are fine. Its the other one that messes with my head. Thanks to you we can now watch movies, but only if I don't touch the machines.