Friday, February 6, 2009

Groundhog Day, the movie

Sunday in church our minister talked about Buddhism and the movie Groundhog Day. Last evening Zeus and I watched this movie. I had seen it before but it was the first time for him. After it was over we discussed the relevance to the philosophies of Buddhism and reincarnation. (And no, I do not believe that I will come back as a cricket or groundhog.)

Having to relive the same day until you get it right is a frightening thought, probably a vicious circle that has no end. On the other hand, hopefully my head is not so thick that I couldn't learn lessons, take responsibilities for my actions and be aware of how they affect others.

Athena came by Acme Acupuncture Associates after work to bring us dinner. (Big thanks, Athena!) As I was walking her out to her car I told her that we were going to watch this movie. She started to laugh and told me an interesting story. Seems that 16 years ago she and D-Rock went on their first date, dinner and going to see Groundhog Day. They had a lovely time. The interesting part was that D-Rock saw that movie two times that night. Another lucky lady was treated to dinner and the same movie after Athena was taken home. How many times did you see it, D-Rock??? Huh??? Huh??? I know you're out there, don't try to hide!


(I've been hearing "I Got You, Babe" by Sonny and Cher all night. Make it STOP!!)


athena said...

K - so here's the low-down. He didn't take the second girl to dinner (he just sent me a text indicating so). He saw the movie 3 times in 2 days! Yep, there was a third girl! Oh, and yes, we all worked at the same place!

Guess I won huh!

Eris said...

Well, he was no fool. He wasn't going to put all of his eggs in your already... well stocked basket... if you get my drift.

Muriel said...

It never stops, and now I will be humming that song for a week. Arghhhh!