Monday, February 9, 2009

Bubba time

I had some fun with Bubba last Wednesday. I've been bugging him for weeks to set up a time to get some pictures taken but either uncooperative weather or his busy 15 1/2 year old's schedule always seemed to get in the way.

Our city has a wonderful old train station that is filled with places to take photos, both inside and out. Just last year I noticed that all of those squares on the upper level are patterns of quilt blocks made out of tiles. Bubba was a good sport, but I think I wore him out.

We also went to the old American Can Company building to get some images to go along with Jubee's that were taken in December. Each time I get near this old building my memory is flooded with the sounds and smells of large machinery. Many times my Dad left for work without his lunch and we would have to drive the three miles to take it to him. It was a loud, scary place for a little girl but I always loved to see him there.

But back to Bubba. He was very cooperative, although that cell phone kept mysteriously creeping out of his low-slung pants pocket. I finally gave in and told him to let me get some shots with it. For more photos go to the Shooting Blog.

Thanks, Bubba!


Update on Zeus: He is recovering well, although this time it is a slower process. Lots of wet snowfall today so we are stuck in the house anyway. Now if the electricity would just quit going off.. I've had to start this post three times.


Karen said...

He's a handsome young man. I'm sure he loved spending time with you.

I like the Union Station and need to go there some time to take some photos.

athena said...

Ugh. I can't believe how big he is. I had to call the high school today to get specifics on DRIVERS ED!!!

Eris said...

Stop! You are killing me.