Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ohhhh, that felt goooooood!

I have spent the greater part of the last two days in my lair. It's been a long time since I've retreated down here and I had almost forgotten how nice it can be. Zeus has been upstairs catching up on his studies and outside the snow has fallen off and on so it's really quiet.

For the last three years I have been making little quilts for our hospital's neonatal ICU in memory of a special little baby. They are tiny, just 16 inches square, usually in soft, pastel flannels. Sometimes they are bound, but most often my sister crochets dainty little edgings on them. I was able to piece together ten of these quilts today. Hopefully when they are finished each one will bring comfort to families with babies in the NICU.

We are thrilled to be expecting a gaggle of babies this year so I also am working on regular quilts. The last time we needed one to give away I realized that my stash was getting pretty low. Tops are now ready to be quilted and bound. That step requires moving furniture around in my lair so I try to get a pile of tops done and then set up for the quilting process, doing a bunch all at once. I think the next baby is due to arrive in May so I have a little time.

It's good to be back working again.



Sharyn said...

Such sweet little things. When you think of it will you post a photo of one of the finished ones with the edging?

Sharyn said...

thanks for posting the other image on the shooting blog. Those are Really special ~ 16" square. Even while admiring it makes the heart hurt. Sharyn

The Duchess said...

Love you.

Muriel said...

How would you like to have one of those ready in September?

The Numismatist said...

Wow! Is that an announcement right here on my blog? Do you want pink or blue? Yippee!!!