Thursday, February 26, 2009


(Sorry, another money post.)

Last Saturday Zeus and I paid a visit to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. While we were there the BIL handed me an envelope. Inside this is what I found.

Apparently, quite a few months ago while working at his desk he picked up an envelope and sent it through the shredder. Immediately he knew that he had shredded the wrong envelope, one that contained two $20 bills. Too late, it went all the way through. Whoo boy, I'll bet there was some blue air that day!

I took the envelope and strips home and thought for awhile about the easiest way to reconstruct them. Later that night I put some double-sided tape on a piece of paper and started to reassemble the bills using an intact $20 as a reference. At first I was pretty confused because they just weren't fitting correctly. Then I realized that those two bills were different, one was the old style and the other was the new one. Only two slivers off the top one were missing. The serial numbers were perfectly visible. It took about an hour to get them all put in order.

Took the taped together bills to my bank. No questions asked, they exchanged them for new ones.

An interesting thing popped up on my computer when I tried to edit the above photos. Apparently my new PSE7 editing program has a feature that detects images of currency. I was able to edit but it will not allow these images to be printed. To err on the safe side I was advised by legal counsel (thanks, B) to convert them to black and white and also to mark the images with these red Xs. Sorry, no printing allowed. What will they think of next??


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Did you keep the loot?