Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mature? Who, me???

I have a cold. Damn it.

Three years! For three years I have avoided any kind of nose cooties or stomach bugs. I get plenty of exercise and try to eat right. I'm not one that obsesses about hand-washing and I kiss little faces that are dripping with snot every chance I get. My house is not germ-proof by any means. I don't carry antiseptic gels and firmly believe in the 5-second rule.

Occasionally I have wondered if the secret has been that I get out in the freezing cold four mornings a week for an hour. After finishing those runs you better believe that there is absolutely nothing left in my sinuses. Oh yeah, I am gross to the max. Take my advice and never run with me.

I do take a multivitamin. Two days ago when I bought a new bottle the packaging looked a little different. When I got it home and compared it to the old container I wasn't happy. The old container is the one on the right. Didn't bother me that it was labeled "Mature Complete Multivitamin" (I share these with Zeus, a good excuse). But now they had to get really specific and add "Adults 50+" to the bottle. Come on, do they need to rub it in? Wasn't "mature" enough? Will a 47-year-old start to have hot flashes and saggy boobs if they take one of these? (Not that I have either of those.....)

Just a little rant. A little gross rant. But my head is filled with cold cooties and that ticks me off. I don't feel bad, just really dislike the inconvenience. And the runny nose.


Update: This post is coming to you from the Acme Acupuncture Academy where Zeus is resting comfortably and all is going well. Back home tomorrow.


Sharyn said...

I know people who belong to Costco just so they can afford their Glucosamine/Chondroitiin

Life is good and then you die...and those who come along after to clean up will know our secrets of youth.

Eris said...

Give Zeus a hug from me. See you at lunch - and I'll make sure to get you the "mature" special.

Karen said...

Rotten colds... I hate being sick too - it's a complete waste of time and existence.

I'm glad Zeus is doing well!