Monday, January 26, 2009

From a Vega to a Chevette?

In 1982, give or take a year or two, I purchased a 1978 Chevette. After my experience with the Chevrolet Vega you would think that a Ford or Datsun would be higher on the list of preferred cars. The little Chevette had 80,000 miles and that alone should have put huge red flags on it.

This silver jewel got me through six years of single-parenthood before it was passed down to Athena. Are you crying yet, Athena? Then she drove it through high school. By the time the little car left our family it had over 200,000 miles and was in pretty tough shape. So many gallons of Diet Coke had been spilled on the passenger side that the floorboard had rotted away. Any lucky person riding on that side faced the real possibility of being splashed if the driver ran over a puddle. My dad finally gave her (or me, can't remember) a piece of plywood to cover that hole. The Chevette saw lots of action and Athena and I both grieved when it was sold to a loving family up north.

This is what my kitchen island looks like tonight. Computers, external drives, cameras and phones everywhere. And don't try to walk around the island because there are cords all over the place. A brand new HP laptop arrived at my doorstep this afternoon.

After the old one (on the right) came back from the HP hospital two weeks ago it still wasn't working properly and the service technician told me it had to go back for the fourth time. Uh- uh..... no. no. no. After a nice visit with a customer service manager she agreed it was a lemon and that a completely new laptop would be built for me, complete with many upgrades that I was considering purchasing anyway. Yippeee!

The reason my little Chevette has been on my mind today is that I keep wondering if my replacement computer will give me the same kind of service that the Silver Bullet did, or will it be another Vega? Wish me luck.

Now back to reinstalling programs and transferring data for the thousandth time...

$.07 (aarrgghh, snow...)

Update: For those interested, Zeus is doing very well. The next two weeks are for resting up before round two.


Jodi said...

Good luck with the new computer!

athena said...

Loving family up north? I sold it for $112.50 and I'm pretty sure the creapy guy parted it out! I remember crying as it rode away on a tow truck.
I still search for it's twin on ebay. My kids watch for them on the roadside. One day I will have another!