Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warming up

Looks like spring might finally have arrived! The weeds in the field behind us are in full bloom. Yes, those pretty little purple flowers are weeds, about five inches tall and will soon turn to grass and fade away. The wild roses are leafing out and getting ready to bloom.

The yard is undergoing the spring pruning and the yearly blooming season has begun. Those unlucky people who are prone to allergies are really suffering.

Sporting events are in full swing with eight games or meets scheduled in the space of six days this week.

Instead of wearing copious layers of clothing everyone seems to be shedding down to the bare minimum. Sandals and bare feet are everywhere. (The cute toes belong to the Princess.)

New life is everywhere. As I drove home this morning I was charmed by this young foal and mare. Zeus tells me that it is probably no more than a day old. Are those wobbly legs cute enough?

Hurray for spring!

$1.34 and a watch for Littlest


athena said...

A wise man once told me that a weed is only a flower out of place.

Eris said...

That wise man never tried to grow vegetables.

Me said...

Yay for spring!

Marge Gordon said...

I’ve given you an award, please visit to pick it up.

Mrs. Dub said...

That was sweet of Marge