Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Hanamatsuri

Update: To see a newscast video of this celebration you can click HERE.

Today our local Buddhist Temple held the most important celebration of the year, Hanamatsuri, a day set aside to honor the birth of the Buddha.

I had the pleasure of taking photographs of the adorable children who participated in many dances and ceremonies. Here are a few of them.

The longer I attend this temple the more at home I feel there. The philosophies seem to be a good match for how my own feelings have evolved over the past 25 years. The sangha (i.e. ward, congregation, parish,etc.) is now my sangha.

The Jodo Shinshu Buddhists are very casual in their approach to church and maybe that is one reason that it appeals to me. It took a while to get used to being able to wear pants to church and the unusual scheduling of the meetings. I still have to ask Zeus each week about the times. Laughter is heard often and good food is always abundant.

There. I. said. it. Outloud.


To see more photos go to the Shooting Blog.

To read more about Hanamatsuri click here.


The Duchess said...

Great photos and great coverage!!!

The Duchess said...

Oh and - what a wonderful community to join. I think there is probably nothing better than seeking enlightenment as a reason to be spiritual. If all religions took a page out of that book, there would be so much less war.

Mrs. Dub said...

Those little kids are adorable!
What beautiful pictures