Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just one photo for today. This is the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It's located on Highway 1, the coastal route that winds up the California coast. We spent six hours today driving the same distance that it took two hours to do on Sunday. The difference, instead of taking the direct, see-nothing freeway we followed the beautiful coastline route that meanders through country rich with agriculture, forests and spectacular views of the Pacific. The skies were blue with a brisk wind, temps in the 50's, a perfect day for a drive. Colorful spring wildflowers were in bloom everywhere.

We also spent a little time at Stanford University. What a lovely campus. Now here we are in Berkeley for the night. A nice long walk was taken after a dinner of Thai food. This place is very different from home. As much as I love the earthiness of the culture here it will be nice to get back tomorrow.

$.11 (and grateful for that paltry amount!)


KFinley said...

That is beautiful! Looks like a fun trip!

athena said...

That picture looks like it belongs on a postcard!

bleason said...

Just a few years ago, Ms. Moneywalker's job took her to San Francisco on several occasions. I tagged along as a househusband. While she went to meetings, I rented a car and scopped out the neighborhoods--Berkley warranted two different visits. Beautiful campus. While moneywalking, one gent made inquiries. He was a U. Cal fan through and through. He reminded me that my daughter-in-law's alma mater was UCLA, he was quick to assure me that there was only one U. of California.

I'm envious of your vacation. I have done highway one up coast. Beautiful but slow.

I sometimes walk college campuses, usually with limited success concerning coinage.

Me said...

I'm glad that you had a good time and I'm glad that you want to come back :)