Friday, April 3, 2009

Dedicated to all BFFs

This is what best friends do together.

They read together.

They bake cookies together.

They work together.

They lick the bowl together.

After all the playtime they have naps together.

Thanks to Littlest and the Princess for a long-overdue Grandma Thursday!


P.S. And remember, they do this together.


The Duchess said...

Ohhhh - I LOVE this post!!!

Eris said...

Littlest Ms. Eris says, "Oh cute."

Eris said...

And don't forget they break bones together.

The Numismatist said...

The link to the broken bones is in the P.S.

athena said...

My BFF and I do all these things too!

Mrs. Dub said...

Do you think they'll go to Neil together one day?