Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My fellow street people

It's always nice to come home. We had three days of total relaxation and sightseeing. Now it's time to get back to the business of living. We pulled in the driveway not even three hours ago and Zeus has already left to go teach a class.

In response to a post from bleason over at the Money Walker I am going to relate an experience that Zeus and I had two years ago.

In the mornings when I go out to numismatize one stop on my route is a McDs that is located across the street from the swimming pool. Often Zeus would stop in there to pick up a cup of "senior coffee" and our paths would cross. Whenever that happened I would go inside and chat for a few seconds, sometimes even stealing a second good-morning kiss before resuming my ralk. We were both well known in this fine establishment by most of the employees.

One morning I spied his car there and went in for a quick hello. After I left an obviously new employee went to Zeus, quizzed him about our conversation and wanted to know if I was panhandling (did I mention that I'm a beauty that time of the morning!). She kindly offered to"take care" of the problem if I was bothering him. He laughed and explained it all to her.

bleason, if you are interested I am linking to a few other posts that tell of my past experiences with fellow street people. You can find them here and here and here.

$00.00 (turbulent flight so I couldn't wander the aisles)

(The above image was taken in one of the miles and miles of artichoke fields of California. Norma Jean, aka Marilyn Monroe was the Artichoke Queen of Castroville in 1948. Just a little trivia....)


KFinley said...

Yummy, I <3 artichokes! I still love the story about panhandling! I wonder how the lady would've "taken care" of it...

bleason said...

I caught this nice blog. Thanks for sharing the links, I've looked at one. Great story about panhandling, my wife enjoys my hobby but doesn't want me looking for coins when we are walking.