Sunday, April 19, 2009

Passing notes

The photo above shows the view from my kitchen window. It is my neighbor's bedroom window. Now don't panic, it is a high small window so no exciting views. The message is a Thank You for some leftovers that I took to them a few days ago after our family dinner.

I love my neighbors. Signs like these appear often in this bedroom window as well as my kitchen window. It's kind of like passing notes under the desk to your best friend in grade school. Welcome Home greetings, Happy Festivus messages and other holidays are likely to bring out the paper and tape. Two years ago we had daily messages about the World Series. She is a big Diamondbacks fan and we were also following the team that year. Unfortunately, those were not happy messages.

We do have telephones here. But I still like getting notes from the neighbors!

Our subdivision is for adults only so in the winter it is very quiet. With spring finally here, at least for a few days, we are now able to get outside and see each other again. This afternoon many were out pruning, transplanting, cleaning up the winter leftovers and enjoying the warm sunshine. The yard is looking good and the deck is ready for company.

Life is good.

$2.43 Yay for carwashes!

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