Saturday, April 25, 2009

This arrived in my mailbox today.
This is the FOURTH time that it has been mailed back to our home address from the airport security checkpoint.

It's not like Zeus doesn't already give them enough to fret about.

As I have said before, TSA earns their money when he travels.

$.40 and a very heavy trailer hitch


Eris said...

I will be calling him the night before he leaves next time to remind him to take that off his keys.

He is sooooo cute.

bleason said...

You found a trailer hitch? That is what I call a "ground score." I have lugged so much junk home that I may have to open a hardware store.

The Numismatist said...

bleason, the "ground score" was stashed in some bushes and picked up later on my way home. There is two gallon jug of golf balls in my garage from a route that I occasionally run. I haven't golfed in few years.

My toolbox is well stocked from my road finds. My dad could spot a screwdriver or wrench from a mile away.

athena said...

Um, I've gotten through with one just like this. I must look less threatening than Zeus.