Thursday, April 9, 2009

Road Work Ahead

It's taken a few years to get my weekday ralk (run/walk) route down to an exact science. I know which spots have a high yield as opposed to the occasional penny. I am familiar with the schedules and busy times so I know where to hit first. Also, I know which of the morning people will smile and wave as opposed to the ones who snarl (avoided at all costs).

When my well-rehearsed ralk is disturbed for any reason it can cause great distress. My entire routine is thrown into a spin and my mind is likely to go all over the place instead of concentrating on shiny, round objects.

So you can imagine the extraordinary levels of discombobulation that I will be feeling for the next few weeks (months?) as I am forced to maneuver around all of this mess. Not to mention the lack of coinage that will be available for pickup due to decreased business in the area.

Hopefully the post-rain car washes will make up for monetary losses incurred while the necessary road work is being completed.

$1.75 3/4

P.S. Everyone sing a Happy Birthday to Kara!

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athena said...

I heart construction!