Monday, April 27, 2009

California dreamin'

Greetings from Monterey! We are enjoying a few days of cool ocean air and food, food and more food. Our hotel is right on Cannery Row with a beautiful ocean view from our room. We go to sleep at night listening to the roar of the waves below us and are entertained in the afternoon watching the sea otters play on their backs in the kelp.

Today we did some sightseeing, starting with the San Juan Bautista Mission and then south to the Carmel Mission. After enjoying the centuries old churches and courtyards we took the 17 Mile Drive up the coast, stopping at Pebble Beach for lunch. Yep, the famous Pebble Beach Golf Clubhouse. Our little rental Toyota Yaris looked a little out of place in that parking lot!

I've been able to take some nice walks down Cannery Row. Lots of little shops with the usual souvenir stuff. The best thing I found was the Nestle Toll House Store. Mmmm. Not only was it filled with all manor of cookies, but the brownies came in many varieties. It was tough but I finally chose the M&Ms.

Parking meters line the streets so coinage is plentiful.

$.74 (includes a 25 cent coin from the Bahamas)
also scored five shower caps

More photos at the Shooting Blog.


bleason said...

Yes, but plentiful money is still fun to fine. Do you check the curbs alone or with others? I have to be careful when taking you know who on walks.

athena said...

I'm not sure that I want to hear anymore about this. I'm super green with envy. I love the 17 mile drive, it's so beautiful!

KFinley said...


I think my blood sugar rose just seeing that picture!