Friday, April 17, 2009

The Surrogate

In addition to my five grandchildren I am lucky to have a number of other children that call me Grandma, or Grandma Numi. I love them all. This little guy is my great-grandson. (Our family tree would be difficult to explain so please just take my word for it!)

For two days we are enjoying a visit from Little Man while his mommy and daddy do some painting in their house. For some reason they think it will go easier without an 18 month old around to help. This is his first sleepover with us and we are having a great time.

This little guy is very even tempered. He seems to be content to wander around the house and check things out, just as long as he can see me.

Earlier this afternoon we met the Eris gang at our local McDs for ice cream and some playland fun. I was impressed at how well he handled a spoon. Only one drip landed on his shirt and that was because it was melting faster than he could eat it. He was excited when he saw Littlest Ms. because they have had numerous outings together in the past.

Only one problem so far. The rule for children who visit our house, other than not stepping over the line, is that all dirty diapers must be taken care of before they arrive. Someone forgot to tell Little Man. So far this afternoon, four times. Four times. Yes, I'm counting. But to be fair, I noticed that there is at least one, maybe two huge molars that are breaking through. That has to hurt so I'll cut him some extra slack.

A special note to the grandmas in Denver: No need to worry. As the surrogate grandmother my job is to keep the children warmed up so they are ready for the real ones when the time comes in a few weeks. He is a delight and I'm happy to help out!



athena said...

He is so dang cute! Wish I could spend more time with him!

Eris said...

I am assuming he is this cute in person. He won't look at me when I am around, so I have never actually seen his face. He has clearly confused me with Athena.

I love that kid!

Me said...

You two are too sweet! We definately need to get together more often and hopefully he will warm up better.

Nana said...

The Grandmas in Denver just want to say thank you for taking such good care of him. We're jealous, but happy he has so many wonderful surrogates around to help his mama and daddy out.