Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lunch with Chuck

More Grandma Wednesday fun. Today I took the "broken" girls to have lunch with Chuck E. Cheese's. Jodi and Keegan added to the fun by joining us there. Hey, the more the merrier!

This Chuck's is new and a little different. No big stage filled with characters, instead replaced with big screen video displays. Still lots of games to play, which Littlest Ms. enjoyed. The Princess loved to climb on the cars but didn't like it when they started to move. Keegan loved it all and had that cute grin the entire two hours we were there. While we were eating pizza, which
was surprisingly good, Chuck came out and visited with the kids and tried to "high 5" the casted ones.

Jodi and I were worn out before the kids but it didn't take long for them to fall asleep on the drive home. It was a fun afternoon.

The photo of the girls in the car seat was the only time I could catch them still enough to get a photo. True blue BFFs!

Both girls are adapting fairly well to the inconvenience of casts. The Princess seems to take hers in stride but still managed to throw a curve at the Duchess last night. Littlest is having a tougher time. She needs help to eat and go potty, which is a huge insult to an independent three year old. She has displayed a bit of frustration but hopefully will adapt soon.

More photos at the Shooting Blog.

$. Two Chuck E Cheese's Tokens


Eris said...

I think I will need to frame that picture of them asleep in the backseat. How cute!

Jodi said...

We had such a good time with all of you! Keegan was out before we even got home and we live a few minutes away!