Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mom always liked you best..

It's Wednesday. That means I get to play with little kids all day. Nothing else gets done and by the time they go home all I can do is sit in a chair and sigh, long and loud. Today actually went quite well, in spite of the fact that the Princess was running a darn good fever and just wanted to be held for a couple of hours. No complaint about that because she never sits still long enough to cuddle with her.

The major problem that cropped up today was with my adult children. You see, niece Muriel and family are coming here next week for Thanksgiving and that has caused a little email sniping. Here are some snippets from emails between Athena, Eris, Muriel and me:

Numi (to Muriel): It will be nice to have you here. We can get in some camera time and family photos if you are interested.

Athena: Eris, are you seeing a pattern here? It seems that if you are from her loins there is NO WAY you can be her favorite! She never offers us to spend the night! In fact, I've seen her offer money for us to leave! This is all a bunch of crap!

Muriel: Oh, I'm not so sure she will ever offer again after she has us all at once. :)

Athena: Once you are her favorite it is hard NOT to be invited again and again. Too bad her other favorite won't be able to join us. Actually, I'm surprised that she didn't send out a notification that Thanksgiving was postponed until they could make it. Damn New Yorkers.

Oh, for heavens sake, go to your room and don't come out! And Muriel, you can stay as long as you want. We can sit and visit for hours eating jelly rings while I tell you all about The Duchess.


(I've posted that photo of Athena and Eris before but it seemed so appropriate to do it again.)


Eris said...

I. KNEW. IT!!!!

I have got to stop bringing dark-haired strangers to your house.

Muriel said...

I love being in this family.

KFinley said...

Wait...waiting for New Yorkers? I'm so confused...I thought she'd be waiting for Michiganders!

Eris said...

Michiganders is too hard to type and say.

athena said...

I'm only bringing canned jelly cranberries and I will make sure they hold the beautiful form that they flop out with. You will have to explain to Zeus that you were mean.

Oh, and K - You are all of our favorite!

Muriel said...

"Cranberries a la Bart"

The Duchess said...

Muriel - you and I should start a "Numi's faves" group on Facebook...wink...

Eris said...

Duchess and Muriel:
Don't forget to include Mr. Eris in your little club. phbttttt!

athena said...

Eris, you realize these are all your fault! You're the one bringing home all the strays!!!

Knock that crap off or we will never have a chance!

Muriel said...

Hey! Who are you calling a stray? I was born into this family. Actually, Athena, you are the one who called me all the years ago and invited me on your trip to Santa Maria.

Eris said...

Born in the family
Raised by wolves

Numismatist Facts said...

Today has been a real pleasure. The kids are all bickering while I get to stay home enjoying the quiet.

Get it all out of your systems by next Thursday or I will give you all a hammer and lock you in the bathroom!

Now I'm going to take a nap so I can stay awake through a stupid vampire movie tonight.

Muriel said...

Ooh enjoy the movie. It's my turn to pick a movie for date night tomorrow. Guess what I'm dragging the mister to? It was either that or Mamma Mia, he was none too pleased to see the latter.

Muriel said...

At any rate, the favorite gets to bring the rolls. :)