Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Bells

What day is it, anyway? And where did my week go? Each day was something different. Monday I spent the day with Athena. Tuesday Zeus and I spent a nice day in the big SLC where we went to see Body Worlds, the amazing display of plasticized human bodies. Wow, that was incredible learning adventure. Wednesday I joined Eris and Littlest Ms. to see her get her cast taken off. Now that was another adventure! During these busy days I also found the time to dust the basement and get ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving turned out well and it was nice to have Muriel and her family join us for a few days. Cameron finally let me hold him last night, at least while his mom wasn't in the room. Between Guitar Hero, the extra computer and some art projects the kids stayed busy and I think had a good time. At least I think Addi did, she cried this morning when they had to leave. Everyone obeyed the House Rules and was very good about not crossing the line.

For the last twelve years a tradition has been that Bubba spends the night of Thanksgiving with us. The next day he helps me get all of the holiday decorations out of storage and put up where they are enjoyed for the season. This afternoon he came over intending to stay the night. After all these years he is so efficient at it that we were finished in four hours. All the lights are working and hopefully the timers are programed correctly (I'll find out in an hour). Zeus mentioned today that maybe we should start training Mr. Eris, Jr. to help because Bubba is now 15 1/2, a very sobering thought. Bubba assured us that he would always be here, no matter what.

One other tradition that occurs when putting up the decorations is a tough one. On our tree are some sets of nesting glass bells. These bells make the prettiest little tinkles whenever they are rustled the tiniest bit. The sound of those bells also make me suck in my breath every year when I pull them out of the box and hang them tenderly on the tree.

Here's why. My little dog Sadie who shared my life for eleven years would ring these bells often during the holidays. Before we moved our tree was in a corner by the door that she used to go outside. It was cold out there so I always left the door ajar so she could push it open and get back into the warm house quickly. When she pushed the door open it would swing into the tree and all kinds of bells would start ringing. The first year after she passed away I was putting up the tree and found myself sitting in a chair sobbing when I hung the bells up. After eight years I no longer cry but there is still a lump in my throat when I hear that tinkle.

Another tradition that I have is to call Athena and share these difficult emotions with her. She wasn't very nice when I rang them for her today.

Now I think I will get to bed. Tomorrow morning I need to get back on the streets and run off some of the jelly ring calories that I've consumed in the last three days.

P.S. Thanks again for joining us Muriel! Not only was it fun but your rolls were delicious!!!


athena said...

1. Where the hell was the kleenex alert? I'm sitting here in tears!
2. M - It was so great to see you and spend time with your beautiful family!

Now I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep! Thanks alot Numi!

Eris said...

No more sad stories.

Numismatist Facts said...

So what is making you two sad? The loss of Sadie or the fact that Bubba is 15 1/2?

Sharyn said...

Your tree is lovely! Sharyn

Muriel said...

Were my rolls that good that you are crying because they are gone? Or was it the pies?

Thanks for everything, we all really enjoyed ourselves. I hope we can come back. (Maybe in a couple of weeks??? I will call.)