Monday, November 17, 2008

There's a HAIR in my Dirt!

Warning: Ewww factor ahead!

Since Eris didn't do it, I guess I will have to. See that cute little girl in the previous post sitting in front of that pretty little chocolate birthday cake? Well, ewwwww!

After blowing out the candle Eris started to cut the cake. Gags. Then more gags. Soon a chorus of gags rose up out of my kitchen! A big long black hair just keeps coming and coming out of that cake. Ten long inches of black hair to be exact. Gagging here just thinking about it. Poor Little Ms. just sat there. No cake fit to be eaten.

After Mr. Eris rushed over to our little neighborhood grocery store and brought back a new cake we sang Happy Birthday all over again and then cautiously ate the tasty white fruit-filled cake and ice cream.

A number of years ago Athena and Eris gave me this book "There's a Hair in My Dirt". They added a page on the inside so I could keep track of all the restaurants that I would no longer frequent due to "bonus" items found in my food. I will now include the grocery story that baked this cake on that list.

Just to add insult to injury, I am adding a photo of the ugliest birthday cake ever made. This one was a special order for the October birthdays that were celebrated last month. It came from the same store as the hairy one. Money has been refunded for both cakes.

To really appreciate the ugliness of the bottom cake click on it to embiggen.


Eris said...

I didn't post it because I sent it to CakeWrecks. I'm crossing my fingers that it is appropriate for posting!

Casidub said...

where did this cake come from?

Numismatist Facts said...

Casidub, I'll email the name to you. (gagging again)

Jodi said...

That is pretty gross! Poor birthday girl!