Saturday, November 15, 2008

Little turns six

Little Ms. is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Yeah, I know that the candle is a 5, but hey, that's all I had in the cupboard. And technically, last night when we had cake and ice cream she was still five. (She bought that explanation, anyway.)

It's been a big year for Little Ms. She started school and has really grown up. Whenever I pick her up after school I always ask her what she learned that day. The answer is always "nothing". Well, that's because in the first month of kindergarten she is already reading anything that is available, constantly amazing me with her ability to sound out letters and figure out the words. Definitely her mother's child.

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A few months ago she got her ears pierced. For her birthday Athena gave her some dangling earrings, pink of course, and some hoops. Here she is showing them off.

It was a fun party with a few interesting (and gross) happenings. If you all shout at Eris she might post a couple of photos about birthday cakes.

Happy birthday to Little Ms.! We love you.



Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe she is six years old already!

Eris said...

She cried for 5 minutes after we took out those ghastly hoops. Then she yelled at me yesterday when she saw them in the trash. I can't win!

Hopefully she'll feel better when we get the real earings replaced.

athena said...


You ARE the meanest mom ever!

Eris said...

Are you kidding? They were made of smashed up tin cans painted gold. She had them in for 2 hours and her ears were all red and swollen around the pierce!