Sunday, November 9, 2008


Eider. Feathers. Down. Ummm. Lightweight yet toasty. I love down.

In the wintertime a down comforter is added to our bed to keep us cozy. It goes on around the first of November and stays until spring.

A white down vest is my usual attire when venturing outside in winter cold. When I throw it on over a sweatshirt or sweater I know I'll be warm, whether skiing or just running to the grocery story.

Ten years ago Jan gave me a feather pillow for my birthday. At the time I thought it was an odd gift until she reminded me that I had threatened to take one of her old pillows home with me after spending the night at her house. She even embroidered my name on a pillowcase, which was quite an accomplishment for her!

That pillow turned out to be very important. For a number of years while I battled problems with my arm it traveled with me everywhere, by car or plane. Even now when packing my bags I put on the "traveling pillowcase" and it gets carried along. It has mainly been used as an armrest but occasionally does double duty as a headrest. Two months ago while waiting for a delayed flight in Seattle a lady said she would pay me if I would let her use it so she could get some sleep. She slept soundly for an hour with it tucked under her weary head, no charge.

The embroidery is now wearing off the pillowcase and occasionally I find a stray feather that has escaped. It still has a place on my bed, ready to be hugged or for comfort when my arm acts stupid. It is the one the grandkids ask for when they sleep over.

Thanks Jan, and by the way, good luck with your new knee on Wednesday!

$ .78

(My totals have been pretty embarrassing lately. Do you suppose that with the crappy economy people are actually bending over to pick up pennies? If so, STOP IT!)

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G said...

how beautiful! I get little attachments to certain things- a blanket or pillow that become part of my routine. thank you for blogging this one.

(and btw... what do the dollar amounts on each post mean? maybe I'm dense, but I haven't figured that out yet :)