Friday, October 17, 2008

Sidewalk 2, Numismatist 0

The title of this post should really be

Sidewalk 2, Numismatist $-966.00

Remember this post? After weeks of working through bruised ribs and a very sore arm I was back to normal. At least, normal for me.
Then it happened. Standing in the kitchen eating an innocent cookie. I know, I know, bad, bad, bad. Hmmm, thomething feelth weird. Thomething ith mithing. There ith a hole that thouldn't be there. Aacckk! Thpit out the cookie and run to the bathroom. Thitfartdamnpeehell!!! A front tooth ith completely mithing, right down to the gum! (Athtually, one netht to the front tooth, but thtill very vithible. Thitfartdamnpeehell!!!

Of courthe, my dentitht ith out of town but hith athothiate Thcott (I love thith cute young guy) agreeth to thtay late and thee me. On the thirty minute drive to the offithe I am imagining thouthandth of dollarth in bridgework, not to mention the pain of ethtracting what ith left of the tooth. The thought altho goeth through my thelfith, wicked mind that I'm really glad that I got the camera two weekth ago before thith happened.

Turnth out that in the fall the tooth wath theverely cracked and it took thith innothent chocolate cookie to break it in two. Thuth, the unethplained bleeding and thoreneth for the latht two weekth. After one hour in the chair and through the miracle of modern dentistry I am now proudly sporting a purty new temporary crown, to be replaced with a purtier porcelain crown as soon as I hand over $966.00. And in the meantime, no caramel apples. What the..... it's Halloween!

I'm leaving the partial tooth under my pillow tonight. Are you listening Tooth Fairy?

Toothless Bubba 2000


athena said...

I'm laughing OUT LOUD!

Jubee wants to know what's so funny. I told her she would have to read it!

athena said...

Oh, and one other thing, he's so cute!

Eris said...

That was great. How long did it take you to write that? Is this one of those tricks you used to use to make letters to the Nincompoop more interesting, like writing backwards?

Numismatist Facts said...

It didn't take long to write but I'm still trying to clean all the thpit off my laptop screen.

It was your grandfather that got the backwards letter. He wouldn't read it.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Great post - though I do feel sympathy for the lost tooth and the -966.00 - that is gonna ruin your average for sure.

I had several friends read it also. They howled.