Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out on the farm

More pixel playtime again today (can you hear this computer groaning..).

This image is my favorite from the set taken last Friday. Nephew Deke has this 60 year old tractor that he got running again. Jenn requested sepia tones but just for fun I left in a little of that aged rusty color. The two boys are very quiet and it took a little while to warm them up. Luckily I had the pink satin bunny ears in my gear bag. That brought out those cute dimples.

Last January I was fortunate enough to take
photos at their wedding. Hopefully they will let me take photos of the new baby when it arrives in six months! Way to go!

The second photo is of the back of the barn at their new home. It is a fairly large barn and is visible from a few miles down the country road. The lights strung on the back of the barn were his proposal last year. She tells me he still occasionally turns them on. Yes, that's our Deke.

$.10 (the dentist got it all)

P.S. One last thought. PLEASE VOTE. If you are in Utah you can vote early. And maybe if you all holler loudly enough Athena will tell you about the first time she voted four years ago.

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Sharyn said...

your photo skills are wonderful, love the tractor photo, Sharyn