Monday, October 6, 2008

My Pearl

This is my Pearl, also known as Littlest Ms. Eris. It is her birthday today. She will be three years old, a feat that will be celebrated, especially by me. You see, since the day she was born my theory has been that she is part feline with nine lives, most of which have already been used up. By the time she was one year old she had already undergone months of physical therapy, a cat scan, and multiple ER visits on holidays due to unexplained fevers. We learned to always expect the unexpected whenever Littlest was around.

Littlest and I have a special bond. She spent much of her first year teaching me patience. The second year was spent recuperating from the first. Now comes the fun part. Three years old is one of my favorite years. Everything is new to her and she is eager to experience anything that I suggest.

The photo above is one of my all-time favorites. While trying to get a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses two years ago Littlest just wouldn't cooperate. She refused to look at the camera and instead wanted to play with the tulips in the front yard. Later while culling through the photos I kept coming back to this one, not really understanding why it appealed to me so much. I nearly deleted it a number of times. It took a few days to realize that this was an unintentional likeness of Sunbonnet Sue, a very old quilt pattern that I have made many times.

Pearl, I love you! I'll pick you up this afternoon so we can open birthday presents and celebrate our three years together!



Eris said...

You are making me cry on the train. We had a great morning with candles in donuts and ruby slippers - which I had to pry of her little feet to go to school. They are in her backpack so make sure you bring it home...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! I miss you!

Jodi said...

Tell her happy birthday from me!